Appilogics Learning Program

Training Center

Appilogics Industrial Interface Program is impelled by Appilogics IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. As subsidiary Appilogics Learning Program we are focusing to provide professional environment for students while learning required skills. Appilogics Learning Program caters wide aspects of Industrial Training Interface in emerging and advanced technologies at Statehood of Himachal Pradesh. Industrial training interface program ensures bright aspects for students to equip with multiskills in entire module moreover polish their theoretical learning in an industrial environment with leading directions and assistance of technocrats who were working for several years in this industry.


Appilogics IT Solutions Private Limited


AppiLogics IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a leading provider of information Technology Solutions, with a sharp focus on delivering solutions that generate business value for our clients. We strive to achieve a shared vision of performance that yields tangible returns in terms of innovation, growth and increased efficiencies for our customers. We offer outstanding services in the areas of Software Development, Web Development, Mobile applications, IT consulting and more. We believe every client tha